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Sunday 21st of January


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Definition of mardy : sulky and whining, moaning. "You mardy bum."

http://mardymouse.co.uk is a DoD mapping and DoD source mapping site dedicated to DoD maps and DoD source custom maps, as well as DoD and DoDS mapping tutorials. We also have a small selection of Day Of Defeat and Day Of Defeat Source custom maps to download.


Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year
Seasons merrynes to all, from all of us at MardyMouse,

Be safe, don't don't drink and drive.

Enjoy the holidays.

Posted by whatmee on Sunday, December 24 @ 18:34:47 GMT (40 reads)
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Our First WoW Level 60 member.
Half-Life NewsWell done Blackball. Now level up a priest for us =)
Posted by haircut on Monday, November 13 @ 17:12:44 GMT (94 reads)
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Forum Changes
MardyMouse NewsForums are changing with times (read last News event).

Please bare with us as we are restructing the forums.

We are a multi gaming Community now.

......Long live DOD.
Posted by whatmee on Monday, September 04 @ 08:43:13 BST (132 reads)
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The MardyMouse Clan
MardyMouse NewsTo quote Haircut:

"The server we have WILL go.

With the lack of people wanting to play DoD & DoD:S it means it's the end of The http://mardymouse.co.uk Clan. (DoD and DoD:S)

Money and time have run out. I'll order a new vent Server so we can chant but this will be the latest version of vent, not the version we use now. "

The new vent details are avilable in the Community Forum.

In other news, there is now a MardyMouse WoW guild up and running on the Turalyon server (Alliance side).
Posted by Scuzz on Wednesday, August 30 @ 13:03:58 BST (175 reads)
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MardyMouse 3v3 starting 30th august
Newscancelledl...... The MardyMouse 3v3 league will be starting on 30th of August, so start listing your teams
Posted by anaraptor on Thursday, August 03 @ 20:00:02 BST (148 reads)
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World Of Warcraft

If anyone is interested in finding out why this game swallows peoples souls you can download a 10 day trial version here: http://teaser.wow-europe.com/index.html
It is a large download though, 2.5Gb or so +over 400MB of patch.

If you do give in to your urges, and wish to be able to communicate with people you know in game, then create an alliance character (Human, Night Elf, Dwarf or Gnome) on the Turalyon server. There are many servers which are independent of each other and the two factions - Horde and Alliance cannot communicate or quest with each other.

For more info, see the treads in the General Gaming forum
Posted by Scuzz on Saturday, June 24 @ 00:39:21 BST (354 reads)
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Haircut's DoD 1.3 RMF release.
MardyMouse News

I'm releasing all my old DoD 1.3 mapping files, get them here:


Each zip has the rmf, map and a simple text file detailing the wads used and any other stuff that might be of interest. If any extra files are needed, like models and sprites, then a seperate "extras" zip file is also included.

If I've missed anything then just let me know.

P.S. Thease files are not for Source.

Posted by haircut on Saturday, June 10 @ 12:23:20 BST (216 reads)
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New DoD:S map dod_swamp_b1
DoD SourceAnonymous writes "

I have released my newest map for DoD:S entitled dod_swamp_b1. Please check it out at the following link on filefront.Thanks


Fish Heads

Posted by haircut on Thursday, June 01 @ 20:00:32 BST (311 reads)
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Server problems !!!
Server News

Sorry to say but the Server has gone tits up.

KC are sorting it out but it might take sometime to get it up and running.

This means all Game and Comms are down until it's fixed.

Posted by haircut on Sunday, May 21 @ 19:59:25 BST (286 reads)
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The Clan & LAN News
MardyMouse News

With great regret that we have to announce the end of the MardyMouse Clan and also the cancellation of the MardyMouse LAN meet.

The Clan has had a problem with lack of interest and I'm sorry to the members that wanted to continue with the Clan but we just don't have the membership to continue with one.

As for the LAN it's been a similar problem, as the Date draws nearer more and more people seem to be dropping out and with the few left that still want to go it's just not viable.

We need to do a bit of work in getting interest in the community, the lack of direction is a big problem, we quite simply don't have a game that we all like playing, we are split between, DoD, DoD:S, BF2 and WoW.

It requires more then me to help with this, I can't do it all by myself any more, it was simple when we all played DoD but with so many people playing different games then others have to help out organising the community.

On a side note, I'd like to point out the Teamspeak block on the right hand side of the website. This is a free public voice comms server for anyone that plays on our servers. Please feel free to join and try it out.

Posted by haircut on Sunday, May 21 @ 12:16:47 BST (233 reads)
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Random Mapping Tips

Did you know that bullets from the more powerfull weapons can still pass through a single brush of up to 20 units thick.

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